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is it cheaper to build or buy a shed

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Shed?

We understand the importance of making the right investment for your property. So, is it cheaper to build or buy a shed? Our extensive experience suggests that purchasing a pre-designed shed kit often proves more cost-effective than building one from scratch.

In this article, we'll explore the various factors that contribute to this conclusion, offering you detailed insights into both the costs and benefits of each option, so you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and budget.

What this article covers:

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Shed?

From our hands-on testing and detailed comparisons, we’ve found that buying a shed, particularly a pre-designed kit, often edges out building one from scratch in terms of cost-efficiency.

When you purchase a custom shed kit from Homestead Supplier, you’re not just buying materials; you're investing in a streamlined, simplified construction process that saves you time and potential headaches involved in DIY projects.

Let’s dive into what makes building a shed more costly and time-consuming, and why a shed kit might be the right choice for you.

What to Consider When Building or Buying a Shed

Material Costs

Building a shed from scratch means starting with the procurement of materials. This involves not just buying but also transporting them to your site, which can quickly add up in costs.

Our research shows that materials alone can account for a large chunk of your budget. Nowadays, the price of lumber and other building essentials like nails, roofing, and siding is on the rise, especially if bought separately.


The time commitment for building a shed is substantial. Depending on your skill level and the design's complexity, it could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

This is a significant investment of time that turns into a significant cost if you’re hiring a professional. It’s important to weigh whether the satisfaction of building it yourself is worth the extensive time commitment.

Designing Your Shed

While designing your own shed allows for complete customization, it requires a good deal of planning and design knowledge.

You'll need to ensure the structure meets all your functional requirements and fits aesthetically into your property. This might involve learning new software or even hiring a designer to help bring your vision to life, which you could save on by going with a pre-designed shed kit.

Labor Costs

If you aren't a seasoned DIYer, you might need to hire professionals for parts of the project, which can significantly increase your costs. Even if you plan to tackle the build yourself, consider the opportunity cost of your time.

is it cheaper to build your own shed

How much is an hour of your time worth? Could it be more productively spent elsewhere? These are key considerations when deciding whether to build or buy.

Specific Power Tools

The right tools are critical for a smooth building process. Commonly needed tools include a circular saw, drill, hammer, level, and measuring tape.

If you don’t already own these tools, you'll face the additional cost of purchasing or renting them. Keep in mind, high-quality tools can be a significant investment but are essential for a sturdy and safe construction.


Navigating the permit process can be one of the more tedious aspects of building a shed. Many localities require a building permit for structures like sheds, especially if they exceed certain size thresholds.

This process can be time-consuming and costly, as it often involves paying fees, submitting plans for approval, and possibly revising those plans to meet local codes and regulations. Using a shed kit can simplify this process as you will be working with a pre-made design.

That being said, we recommend familiarising yourself with building codes and zoning laws to better understand things like the setback requirements for sheds to avoid any hassle down the line.

Why Should You Opt for Buying a Shed Kit?

From our extensive experience, a shed kit from Homestead Supplier simplifies the entire process. Our kits come with pre-cut and measured materials to build a shed, detailed instructions, and customer support.

is it cheaper to build a shed or buy one

Plus, you avoid the hassle of material sourcing and tool rental. It’s a straightforward assembly with less room for error, making it ideal for those who want to save time and ensure quality.


While building a shed from scratch might seem like a rewarding DIY project, the costs associated with materials, time, labor, design, tools, and permits can quickly add up, often making it more expensive and time-consuming than anticipated.

At Homestead Supplier, we've found that purchasing a pre-designed shed kit not only simplifies the process but also provides better cost control and a quicker setup, allowing you to enjoy your new shed without the stress and strain of building from the ground up.

If you're looking for quality, convenience, and affordability, consider exploring our range of shed kits at Homestead Supplier — we're here to help you make the most of your outdoor space with minimal fuss.

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Shed?

How long does it take to assemble a shed kit from Homestead Supplier?

Most of our shed kits are designed for easy assembly, typically requiring just a weekend to complete. The exact time can vary based on the size and complexity of the shed kit, but each kit comes with clear instructions and can be assembled by two individuals with basic tools.

What is the warranty on Homestead Supplier's shed kits?

All our shed kits come with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The length and specifics of the warranty vary depending on the kit, but we stand by the quality of our products and are committed to customer satisfaction.

is it cheaper to buy or build a shed

What types of shed kits does Homestead Supplier offer?

Homestead Supplier offers a variety of shed kits designed to suit different needs and preferences.

Our range includes garden sheds, tool sheds, workshop spaces, and customizable options that allow you to choose specific features like windows, doors, and roofing styles. The shed value of these options can also add value to your property.

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