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Sale Extra 5%-15% Off Many Brands!
Sale Extra 5%-15% Off Many Brands!

Fogatti Tankless Water Heaters

From tankless water heaters that can provide hot water for your household within seconds, to reliable RV water heaters for your next overlanding journey, you can enjoy fast hot showers anytime and anywhere. Fogatti Tankless Water Heaters give you an amazing showering experience like never before!

  • FOGATTI RV Tankless Water Heater with Remote Controller, 42,000 BTU

    Original price $649.99
    Original price $649.99 - Original price $649.99
    Original price $649.99
    Current price $549.99
    $549.99 - $549.99
    Current price $549.99

    Experience more with our Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater! Achieve instant hot water with Fogatti's tankless water heater, engineered with an exce...

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  • FOGATTI Tankless Water Heater 170,000 BTU Indoor Water Heater

    Original price $742.22
    Original price $742.22 - Original price $742.22
    Original price $742.22
    Current price $699.00
    $699.00 - $699.00
    Current price $699.00

    Tankless Water Heater 170,000 BTU Indoor Water Heater If you’re looking to heat up your water at lightning speed, the Fogatti Tankless Water He...

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Fogatti Tankless Water Heaters


With Fogatti tankless water heaters, you get fast hot water whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you're at home or living the van life, these reliable water heaters will make your next shower an unforgettable experience!


Instant Water, Ready For You - Anytime, Anywhere

Tankless Instant Water Heater




Experience a fast and endless supply of hot water that heats up to a maximum temperature of  140℉ within two seconds

Get rid of traditional tank systems that take up too much space in your basement and go tankless. Being, much smaller in size, it is very easy to set up, being only a quarter the size of a 50-gallon tank water heater. No extra expansion packs, no extra accessories. Set it up and enjoy your hot shower asap.

Low Fluctuation Water Heater

Dial in on the temperature sweet spot. Controlled by chips, these water heaters promise a ±2°F difference in water temperature each and every time. Enjoy your hot showers exactly how you want them.

High Power Tankless Water Heater

Our Fogatti tankless water heaters can produce up to 160 gallons of hot water in just 40 minutes. That’s enough for you, your bathroom, your kitchen, and pretty much any place else in your household you can think of!

Durable and safe. Not once would you ever have to worry while you’re relaxing in the shower-  the advanced components protect against any water pressure surges. All of these heaters come with CSA certification for both  the USA and Canada.


RV Water Heaters


Whether you’re living the van life, the RV life, or the Caravan life, Fogatti’s RV Instashower line of water heaters is made just for you. Take hot showers wherever you go, be it camping with friends and family or journeying solo across Yosemite Valley. 


Consistent Hot Showers No Matter How High Or Low


Fogatti’s RV Water Heater’s high-altitude mode keeps saves your fuel source by controlling the amount of flame and preventing your water from getting too hot. Even if you‘re in the peaks of Sierra Valley, you can expect the same quality showers, every time, no matter where you are on this map!


United States Water Temperature Chart

Some tank heaters can only store up to 6-10 gallons of hot water that lasts only 5-8 minutes. Our RV heaters can produce up to a maximum of 2.2 gallons per minute lasting over 20 minutes. Now you can have peace of mind that your hot water won’t be cut off and take your time enjoying it. Life on the road is hard enough as it is.


 RV Van Life Water Heaters

These RV Water Heaters are made for the road– being able to withstand bumpy roads. Not only that, it is ultra quiet with low operating noise in both the exhaust fans and the unit itself. 

 Fogatti RV Water Heater

Going tankless saves you not only precious space, but it's also way better for continuous showering – since it uses propane for heating, that means that everyone, including mom, dad, and the kids can all enjoy a hot shower without worrying about running out of power


Aside from being CSA certified for safety, these are specifically designed for small enclosed spaces. These RV water heaters offer numerous fail-safes such as built-in forced exhaust fans, stable combustion, and automatic gas shutoffs in case of accidental flame failure or anti-freeze leaks. 



Do these products have a warranty?

All Fogatti products have a return within 30 days policy and, a 2-year service warranty.

Why choose this over other tankless water heaters?

Aside from the service life being 3 times longer than other brands, Fogatti is a company that focuses on RV appliance products with an RND team always finding ways to tailor fit each and every water heater to be perfect just for you. Here’s a comparison chart to show you exactly how these water heaters outperform:

Tankless Heater Comparison

Do the RV Heaters have a pressure relief valve?

Yes, it comes built-in! Unlike other brands, having pressure relief valves included saves you time and money buying and installing them. The RV water heat units also come with an intelligent remote controller that has a range of up to 6 ½ feet. 

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