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Sale + Free Shipping! Extra 5%-20% off Sheds.
Sale + Free Shipping. Extra 5%-20% off Sheds.


Our goal in Homestead Supplier is to offer you the most competitive prices on all things self-sufficiency with the best customer service. We understand that having all these options and considerations may get a bit overwhelming. We compiled some useful resources for you so you can have the perfect stress-free Homesteading Experience!


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General Frequently Asked Questions:


If you have anything specific you'd like to ask that is not listed on the above links, or any suggestions for improving our services, we'd love to hear it! We have a team of dedicated Homestead Specialists eager to put a smile on your face. Please email us or call 1-800-540-9051. Our office hours are Mon-Fri 7am-3pm Pacific Time. Hope to hear from you soon!