Laveo by Dry Flush Portable Electric Toilets

A Breakthrough in Comfort & Convenience!

The waterless, odorless, chemical-free, no-freeze, low-maintenance and compact portable electric toilet measures 16”W x 20”D x 18”H and weighs just 29 lbs.

For comfort, the seat and height are standard toilet sizes. When done, users simply push the flush button as they would with a traditional toilet. How- ever, instead of requiring water, extensive plumbing, or expensive chemicals, the proprietary Laveo double-layered barrier bag automatically encloses urine and stool in a spill-resistant, odorless way. The dispenser automatically brings in new, clean barrier bag material for the next flush.

Each barrier bag cartridge can handle an average of 15 flushes.

Once full, a cartridge may be easily removed in a sanitary way and discarded in a trash container. There is no dirty water to dump or chemicals to pour. Installing a new cartridge takes less than one minute.

The self-contained Laveo Dry Flush portable toilet uses 12V DC power with 4.9 amp flush and 0.0 amp idle. Power options include long-life rechargeable batteries, solar chargers, and AC adaptors. A charger cable is included. Other options include handrails and privacy shelters. The “go anywhere” Laver toilet may be permanently installed or easily removed, utilized elsewhere, and re-installed whenever needed.

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Laveo™ by Dry Flush – Battery Operated

Add it all up, and Laveo Dry Flush is an excellent choice and a smart investment in comfort and convenience whether you are on the road, on a shed, camping or anywhere at all!

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