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Is investing in a Solar Generator the right move for you

As you may know by now, solar panels are not just found on rooftops anymore. There are many solar panels, solar generators, and power stations like the ones we sell that are very portable and can be taken practically anywhere. If you are on a campsite, a boat, on the beach – solar generators are a good source of power especially when you need it most. Most common question is, what is it anyway? How do they work? Don’t worry as we’ll explain some important points about solar generators and why they are nice to have.

Solar Generators – what are they?

To explain it simply, a solar generator is a portable battery storage system that is powered by its built-in solar panels. Let’s highlight the word portable – because unlike solar plus storage systems – these solar generators do not really require an expert for having it installed in your home and can even be used anywhere when you need it. Experiencing an outage? Just turn on your solar generator and you’re good to go!

How do Solar Generators provide power?

Solar generators typically have two major components: solar panels and their battery storage system. When a solar generator is placed outside, it gets to generates direct current electricity from the sun. There’s a part of the solar generator called the charge controller where it can regulate the power output that is absorbed by the solar panels so that electricity can be stored in the battery storage system.

Once you’re ready to use the stored electricity, it will pass through the inverter which will then convert the electricity to alternating current electricity – basically used by most appliances. Now you can plug in your devices and start powering them up!

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What are the benefits of getting Solar Generators:

  1. You get free energy from sunlight. Solar panels typically last between 25 to 35 years.
  2. The cost to maintain is low. They don’t require you to use liquid fuel which is expensive. Plus, it is portable and easy to move so need to hire people to help you re-position them.
  3. Works seamlessly without noise and pollution. Compared to fossil fuel ones, solar generators do not emit harmful chemicals that will harm the earth’s atmosphere.

What you need to consider when getting Solar Generators:

  1. It only provides a limited power supply. All types of generators only have limited capacity. Do not expect to have it power the entire house. Of course, you can always re-charge yours for smaller appliances.
  2. Recharging may take some time. It always needs to be done during the day. If you don’t have time to do this then it may not be your best option.

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