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Sale + Free Shipping on items over $200

Butter Churns

During the churning process, the cream gets stirred up. The agitation breaks the membranes of fat molecules, making them clump together. As large clusters of fat collect, they begin forming a network. Also, the churning process generates bubbles of air that trap the liquid and produce foam separating one substance from another.

All this clumped fat is butter, whereas the liquid separated from it is called buttermilk. Check out our selection of butter churns below!

What does a butter churn do?

It is a machine that converts your cream into butter and buttermilk. In the past, butter churns were typically made out of wood and hand-operated. Our machines are made from metal, plastic, and glass. All of which can be run through electricity.

So, how does the butter churning process work?

Once you add the cream inside the machine, the paddles will then start to stir it. You can check out this video below that shows the entire process.

Does it take too much time for my machine to do the butter churning process?

It usually takes around 25 to 30 minutes.

Can you let me know what types of butter I can create when using the butter churn?

You can create salted and unsalted butter. You can even incorporate garlic to make garlic butter. Truffle and honey butter has also been made by some of our customers and even chocolate butter!

I’m worried that the machine is too big, any recommendations for a small butter churn?

Some of our butter churn models can be easily placed on your tabletop in the kitchen. We recommend the Electric Butter Churn Milky FJ 10 (115v) or the Hand Crank Butter Churn Milky FJ 10H.

How much butterfat content can I expect using your butter churn machine?

Based on previous experience from our customers, you can reach around 86.5% of butterfat, please take note that this depends on the quality of the cream you use.

Is there a specific amount of butter I can expect when churning cream using this machine?

You can expect approximately around 4% of butter from the milk you use. That just means that with 100kg of milk, you can get around 4kg of butter.

Do you have any recommendations on how to use the buttermilk I get from the butter churn?

Buttermilk is very delicious! You can mix it with different types of fruits and even incorporate it with many pastry recipes!

Can I use different types of cream with this butter churn?

Yes, you can! Some of our customers have used milk from goats and sheep aside from the usual cow milk.

I hate milk spoilage when churning butter, what can I expect from this butter churn?

One of the main reasons our customers get our butter churn is because of the fact that you will be able to use all your milk and not waste anything 😊