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shed on concrete slab

Build Shed on Concrete Slab

At Homestead Supplier, we understand that choosing to build shed on concrete offers unmatched durability and stability.

Our comprehensive guide dives into key considerations such as concrete thickness, what you plan to store, portability, and the proper timing for pouring your concrete slab.

We also discuss important details like optimal mounting points, types of anchors, additional features like ramps, and necessary adjustments for shed dimensions and weatherproofing.

These elements are crucial in ensuring that your shed stands firm against the elements and meets your storage needs efficiently.

Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Shed on Concrete

Concrete Thickness

When considering how to build your shed on concrete, the thickness of the slab plays a pivotal role.

While a standard 4-inch thickness is suitable for most sheds, if you plan to store heavier equipment or vehicles, increasing the thickness to 6 inches can provide extra stability and help prevent the concrete from cracking under the weight.

It's crucial to evaluate the load requirements of your intended use to determine the appropriate shed slab thickness.

What You Plan To Store

The purpose of your shed influences every aspect of its construction. For items like garden tools or seasonal decorations, a basic slab might suffice. However, for heavier items like tractors, commercial equipment, or even a workshop setup, consider a reinforced slab.

Reinforcement, using materials such as rebar or wire mesh, ensures that your slab can withstand the additional weight without deteriorating.


Opting for a concrete slab means committing to a permanent location for your shed. This decision impacts the flexibility of use and placement in your yard. Before deciding on a permanent foundation, consider future landscape changes or potential needs to repurpose the area. The permanence of concrete is beneficial for stability but limits mobility.

Where To Put Mounting Points

The placement of mounting points is critical to ensure that your shed remains securely anchored to the slab, particularly in areas prone to severe weather conditions.

Work with your contractor to determine strategic locations for these points based on the design and expected load of the shed, as well as local climate factors. Properly placed anchors can prevent structural shifting and damage.

When To Pour The Concrete Slab

To avoid complications such as structural misalignments and moisture-related deterioration, ensure you know how to pour a concrete slab for a shed correctly and do it before you construct your shed.

This foundation should be completely cured before any construction begins on the shed itself. Curing typically takes about 28 days, during which the concrete reaches optimal strength and durability.

building shed on concrete slab

Types Of Anchors


Dynabolts are quick to install and economical, making them a popular choice for lighter structures. However, their holding power is less than other options, making them less suitable for areas with high wind or heavy loads.

Chemset And Threaded Rod

This combination offers a robust solution, bonding the metal to the concrete with a strong epoxy. It's ideal for heavier sheds or those in wind-prone areas.

Cast-In Stirrups

These are embedded into the concrete as it cures, providing the highest level of security. They are particularly recommended for commercial sheds or those exposed to extreme conditions.

Shed Dimensions

Ensure the dimensions of your concrete slab match exactly those of your shed plans. This precision prevents water from entering the shed at the base, protecting the interior and contents.

A slight overhang of the shed's walls over the slab edges also directs rainwater away from the foundation, reducing potential moisture issues.


Installing a vapor barrier under the concrete slab and using moisture-resistant materials for the base of the shed walls (such as pressure-treated lumber or waterproof coatings) are effective strategies to prevent water damage.

These measures are particularly important in humid climates or areas with frequent rain.

If You Want A Ramp

If accessibility is a key feature for your shed, plan for a concrete ramp during the initial slab laying.

shed on concrete

This ensures a smooth transition from the ground to the shed and integrates the ramp structurally with the foundation. It's more durable and cohesive than adding a wooden ramp later, which might succumb to rot or displacement.

Extra Wall Height

Raising the height of your shed walls by an additional 3 inches above standard can provide better air circulation, reducing the risk of moisture accumulation and termite infiltration.

This adjustment not only enhances protection from environmental factors but also increases the usable space within the shed, allowing for higher storage or more comfortable headroom.

Building Permits

Securing the necessary building permits before constructing your shed on a concrete slab is an essential step that should not be overlooked. Depending on your locality, the requirements for permits can vary significantly.

Permanent structures like a shed with a concrete foundation often fall under stricter regulations. It's important to check with your local building department to understand the specific codes and standards that apply to your project.


Building a shed on a concrete slab is a robust choice that guarantees longevity and stability for your storage or workspace needs. With proper planning and execution, your shed will not only meet current requirements but also adapt to future needs.

Ready to start your shed project with a foundation that lasts? Visit Homestead Supplier today to find the perfect custom shed kit for building a strong and enduring shed. 

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