EZ-Fit Sheds Riverside Outdoor Garden Shed Kit

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EZ-Fit Sheds Riverside Outdoor Garden Shed

Trying to find the perfect garden shed to store your gardening equipment, tools, and more? New office to work from home? Or an outside studio for painting, crafts, and projects? Perhaps a new woodshop perfect for those projects you can't do in the garage? This Riverside Outdoor Tool Shed is the perfect solution. This beautiful shed comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. 

This could even function as a tiny house with some modifications. If you add your own insulation and drywall you will have the best looking additional dwelling unit on your block. The Riverside has a 60” standard door, 6” fascia trim, double top plate, shutters, decorative hinges, horizontal nailer, and USA made locksets. It is the highest quality solid construction and is ready for quick easy assembly upon delivery. 

Lead time is 3-4 weeks.


  • Beautiful Decorative Shutters
  • High quality U.S.A. Made Locksets - for extra piece of mind
  • Decorative Hinges - on both doors
  • Double Top Plate - for extra sturdy construction
  • Horizontal Nailer - for stronger and straighter walls
  • 6" Fascia Trim - protects the fascia board
  • Panelized wall sections with horizontal nailer and 24" oc wall studs
  • Rafters, roof sheathing, pre-hung doors, trim, door hardware, fasteners
  • Windows: 2 - 24x36" Windows
  • Windows are functional and open up
  • Windows come with screens to keep pesky bugs out
  • Aluminum window frames
  • 6'6" Walls - provide plenty of room inside
  • Primed Smartside siding - protects the shed against the elements
  • 4' Panelized wall sections - offers the sturdiest construction
  • Single Door: 1 30" Single Door - provides side access
  • Double Doors: 1 Set of 60" Double Doors - makes getting items in and out a breeze
  • Shed comes primed and ready to paint the color of your choice

Shed sizes available for all your storage needs: 8x12', 10x12', 10x14', 10x16', 10x20', 12x16', 12x20', 12x24'

All EZ-fit Sheds are solidly constructed with quality Amish craftsmanship and come partially pre-assembled. All of the wall siding is already attached to the 2x4 framing and comes in 4 foot wide wall panels. As much pre-assembly as can be done ahead of time is completed without shipping the shed all put together. We provide step by step instructions for you to finalize putting everything together and the average assembly with 2 people takes about 8 hours. We do not provide installers but if you do not want to build the shed yourself, many customers hire a local handyman to do it.


 Riverside Shed Features:



Optional add-ons:



Optional Floor kit includes (Temporarily Not Available)
• 4x4" Long lasting treated runners
• 2x4" S.P.F. Floor joists (16" o.c.) 
• 3/4" C.D.X. Plywood




 * Floor and Shingles Not Included *

Floor and Shingles can be purchased at your local hardware store. Floor can consist of 4x4's, 2x4's, and plywood - we can give you the details if you would like.

Shed can also be placed directly on concrete slab if desired - please select pressure treated option and we will treat the bottom plate (bottom of the wall) of the shed. If placing shed directly on a concrete slab we recommend that the slab be 1/2 an inch smaller than the size of the shed. This way the bottom plate can rest on the perimeter of the concrete slab and the wall siding can go down slightly down the side of the slab. This will prevent rain water from entering the shed. If using a slab that is larger than the size of the shed please let us know and we will attach the bottom plate at the bottom of the wall. 

The Riverside Shed is made using Strongback Nailer walls


The Riverside Shed comes with a high quality Triple Layer Door


The Riverside Shed comes with only the highest quality components



 Riverside Shed SmartSiding walls




Shed Comparison
Riverside Homestead Heritage
Sidewall Height 6'6'' 6'6'' 6'6''
Overall Height 8' wide 9'9'' 9'9'' 9'9''
Overall Height 10' wide 10'3'' 10'3'' 10'3''
Overall Height 12' wide 10'9'' 10'9'' 10'9''
Windows & “Z” shutters 2-24x36' double 30x36'' 1-24x36'' 1-30x36''
Transom Windows Optional Optional Optional
Strongback Nailer Yes Yes Yes
30'' single door Yes No No
60'' double door Yes Yes Yes
Smartside Siding Yes Yes Yes
Decorative Door Hinges Yes Yes Yes
Double Top Plate & 6'' Fascia Yes Yes Yes
12'' Roof Overhang Yes Yes Yes
Flowerboxes Optional Optional Optional
Decorative Flowerbox Holders Optional Optional Optional
Cupola & Weather Vane Optional Optional Optional
Floor Kit Optional Optional Optional

Optional Wind Kit
Live in Florida or another area and need a kit for high winds? The Riverside shed has a 90mph rating out of the box, and with the additional wind kit it has a 140mph wind rating. The kit includes 8 anchors attached to the skid, dry rod, and 2 sealing joints (2  12x4’s). Wind kit can only be used with a wood floor. We can provide the engineering specs sheet needed for building permits upon request. Please email us at info@homesteadsupplier.com or call 1-800-540-9051 for additional details.

If putting the shed directly on a concrete slab you cannot use the wind kit but you can use concrete floor anchors purchased from your local hardware store to directly attach the bottom plate of the shed to the concrete slab. 

Need a different configuration?
We can place the double doors on the 180 degree opposite side (or single door with windows on 180 degree opposite side). Just let us know in the "Special instructions for seller" section when placing your order. 

EZ Fit Sheds Shipping
Although we provide free shipping to most of the United States, we do have a $99 shipping fee to some states. The sheds are very large, heavy, and expensive to ship so we do charge the $99 fee to the following states: N Dakota, S Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Even with this additional shipping cost our rates are still lower than our competitor's total cost.

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- We do not price match past orders, local stores, club or warehouses and the item must be in stock.
- We reserve the right to deny any price match that we would incur a loss on.
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Ask a Question
  • Can we get a metal roof instead of shingled roof

    Yes, absolutely. We provide the roof sheathing but not the shingles, so customers can put on shingles, tiles, metal roof, etc.

  • For the Riverside Model, can I opt to replace the double doors with a window and just keep the single door?

    Yes, you can replace the double doors with a 24x36 window - please email us at info@homesteadsupplier.com for details.

  • Can you provide 8’ sidewalls?

    Yes, we can provide 7' or 8' sidewalls. Please email us at info@homesteadsupplier.com with the size you are interested in and we can provide you pricing. Thanks!

  • Is it possible to grow plants in this shed?

    If you put in grow lights, yes you could grow plants in this shed, but it would be easier in something like our Cedarshed Sunhouse Greenhouse: https://homesteadsupplier.com/products/cedarshed-sunhouses-western-red-cedar-greenhouses

  • are these sold in Kits interested in riverside 12x16

    Yes, these are kits. They come partially pre-assembled, so they are very easy to put together when you receive them. All of the 2x4's are attached to the walls and the walls come in 4 foot wide sections. We provide you with step by step instructions and the assembly takes about 8 hours with 2 people.

  • also do you have to know how to put on the singles

    You are required to put on your own roof whether you would like shingles, metal roof, tiles, etc. The shingles are very easy to do if you go that route, as you just nail them in with small nails.

  • do you put the shed up or do i have to put it up?

    A lot of pre-assembly is done ahead of time, but it is a kit that you put together. We provide you with step by step instructions and it is pretty easy to do - no carpentry experience necessary. With 2 people you should be able to get it done in approximatley 8 hours. With that said, some people don't want to do and hire a handyman to do it for them! :)

  • What is the pitch of the roof? What is the height from top of pad to top of roof peak?

    The roof pitch is 6/12.

    The height from the ground to outside top of roof peak depends on the shed:

  • EZ-Fit Sheds Riverside Outdoor Garden Shed Storage Solution, Do you ship to Australia, if so, how much? 10x12

    I'm sorry we do not ship to Australia.

  • Are these buildings insulated?

    These are not insulated but you are certainly welcome to add insulation and drywall yourself if you would like to (many of our customers have done this and turned them into an office, craft studio, and many other functional buildings!)

  • Is it possible to get the shed pre-painted white with only black shutters?

    The shed comes primed and ready to paint the color of your choice, but you must do the painting. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

  • We’d like to have room for storage in the rafters for something like a kayak or paddle board. Is the interior configuration amenable to this?

    The shed does not come with anything like that, but what some customers do is take a couple of 2x4's and nail them to the rafters to create quick and easy storage for things like that.

  • Should the cement pad be exactly the same as the outer dimensions of the shed, or should the pad be bigger?

    The cement pad / slab can be the same dimensions as the shed you purchase. For example if you purchase a 10x12 shed, that is the outer dimensions of the shed and you can make the slab the same 10x12 size. If you would prefer a little extra wiggle room, you can make the cement slab 1/2 an inch smaller than the size of the shed as the siding hangs down slightly lower than the bottom plate.

  • I am replacing an existing shed so I already have a cement slab. Do I still need to order the floor kit?

    You can place the shed directly on the concrete slab and you do not need the floor kit. When you place the order please let us know and we will treat the bottom portion of the shed that is touching the concrete slab to prevent mold, water damage, etc

  • can the side door be put on either side...left or right side?

    You can put either of the doors (single or double) on the opposite side (180 degrees) from where they are originally. There is not anything different in the manufacturing process, but we do label the panels so if you let us know when you place the order, we can mark them appropriately so it is easier for you when putting together.

  • 1. What is the interior wall height of the 12ft wide sheds? 2. What is the sq. footage of the roof on a 12 x 20ft for purposes of shingling? thanks!

    1. Wall height is 6 feet and 6 inches. Overall height at top of roof is 10 feet and 9 inches.
    2. 12x20 roof square footage is 379.

  • If I order say the 12x16 Riverside does the shed come put together or does it all come in pieces with instructions on putting it together. In the area i would plan to put it in, i do not see a way of putting a completed shed. i am very familiar with carpentry and i have friends in that business that would be helping me. So the easiest way for me to have this in my backyard would be to build it from scratch from the plans. i would assume that all the pieces would come and hopefully be marked somehow so that one could follow the plans. And that would lead me to ask if the price would be the same getting it so that it was not all put together. i would think that would really be easier to ship as well. I am very interested in this model at 12x16 but i do not see a way of installing a pre-built model thru my alley and backyard. Please let me know the answers to my questions here, thank you very much!!

    Hi There, the shed comes in a kit that is partially assembled and easy to ship. The walls come attached to the 2x4 framing already and in 4 foot wide panels that you put together. Basically as much is done ahead of time as possible without putting the shed together completely. You will be able to move the shed where you need to fairly easily with the pieces and the way it comes. The time to build will depend on your experience but for a 12x16 size with 2 people having the basic carpenter experience estimated around 8 to 12 hours. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions. Thanks!

  • looking at a 10X12 to be used as a pool changing area. Will I be able to add a shower, toilet and sink???

    If you want to add that yourself and it is perfectly fine.  But this is made to be a shed,  you will have to have a contractor inform you on how to build that in.

  • Can I get this model in another color? ( preferably red)

    The shed comes primed and ready to paint the color of your choice.

  • Hi, these sheds are bloody fantastic, any chance you ship these ripper sheds to Australia ?

    Sorry, we only ship to the United States.

  • I think that I would like to build my own floor kit using all treated lumber and marine grade plywood. Can you give me the exact dimensions I would need my floor to be?

    The dimensions of the shed are the exact dimensions of the outer walls of the shed. So if you purchased a 10x14 shed for example, and you wanted the shed to fit exactly on to the floor, you would make the floor 10x14 as well.

  • how tall is the riverside? from floor to the center eve?

    It depends on the size shed that you purchase (we have 8' wide sheds, and also 10' and 12' wide which are slightly taller): 

  • I'm interested in the 10' x 12' shed. I'm in the Bay Area, near San Jose. Do you install the shed? How much does that cost?

    We do not install any of the sheds. We provide step by step instructions for you to follow. If you do not want to build the shed yourself, many customers hire a local handyman to do it for them.

  • What is the sq ft. of the roof on a 12x16 Riverside for ordering the shingles?

    12x16 roof is 311 square feet for the shingles.

  • About how long should it take for a carpenter to build?

    The time will depend on the carpenter’s experience and the size of the shed. . . for a 10x14 size with 2 people having the basic carpenter experience estimated around 8 to 10 hours.

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