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Sale + Free Shipping! Extra 5%-20% off Sheds.
Sale + Free Shipping. Extra 5%-20% off Sheds.


A playhouse is always a wonderful place for creativity to grow. Take a look at our selections below!

Our playhouses can help you build a great space for your kids or even your grandkids to play for hours. Aside from the little ones enjoying the finished playhouse,  you'll also have a fun project where you get to add decorations and details for everyone to take part in.

Should you get your kids a Playhouse?

As parents (or grandparents), we always want the best for our children. One thing that makes them happy was playhouses. But come to think of it, is this the best thing you can give to your children now? Let’s go over some benefits that can come from constructing their own outdoor playhouse.

It’s healthy and enjoyable for kids to play outdoors

Exercise is a good thing for children, but not all of them don’t do this enough especially outdoors. It’s easy for us to say that they need to spend more time outdoors, but it is very challenging to actually have them step out of the house and breathe in the fresh air. When you have an outdoor playhouse, this may lure out your kids to get out of their rooms!

Aside from improving the overall mood, fresh air can also strengthen the body against diseases. Soaking up the sun while playing outside on their outdoor playhouse porch builds vitamin d, which strengthens the bones and provides protection from chronic diseases.

Physical activity and outdoor play will also keep your children’s weight at normal levels. This is a step into a healthier life and prevents obesity-related issues in the future. But most importantly, playing in an outdoor playhouse brings loads of fun!

Improving Cognitive and Physical Development of your children

When children are outside, they learn more about the environment. This can contribute to developing their cognitive skills. They will be exposed to different sensory triggering events such as smelling new things, feeling different temperatures through the day, hearing different sounds, and witnessing the ever-changing seasons.

You also don’t need to worry as an outdoor playhouse can be enjoyed by your kids even if it rains or not! You will never have to hear the excuse of not going out because it rains.

Playhouses are also a good way to exercise your children’s imagination. AS they are young, they are used to following instructions. Here they can exercise the same things as the playhouse can be considered as a small home. You will then slowly see your children making their own decisions.

Playhouses can increase social skills and improve the quality of sleep

It is always fun playing with friends in a playhouse. Social skills are quickly developed when children spend time with other children. Roles are identified, rules are set, and they all do these by themselves. Cooperation should always be there so that there won’t be any unnecessary quarrels.

And since energy is exerted during playtime in an outdoor playhouse, kids tend to recover by sleeping a lot and restoring their batteries. You will find this very helpful especially for children that have a hard time falling asleep.

Cleanliness and Orderliness of the kid's toys

When children have a space that they can call their own, they develop the responsibility of maintaining and organizing whatever is inside of it. This will also benefit you as some of their toys won't be cluttered inside the house. So less cleaning for you!

Having an outdoor playhouse for your children is like giving them a valuable source of skill development, both physically and mentally. Most of their energy can be directed to the playhouse which will give them joy and memories that they will cherish when they grow up.