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Shed and Greenhouse Sale + Free Shipping on most items!
Shed and Greenhouse Sale + Free Shipping on most items!

Cedarshed - Cedar Sheds, Greenhouses, Playhouses

Cedarshed makes amazing, high-quality Cedarwood Sheds, Greenhouses, Sunhouses, and Playhouses of all shapes, designs, and sizes. 
  • Cedarshed Rancher Large Shed Kit and Storage Solution

    Original price $3,645.00 - Original price $8,705.00
    Original price $3,645.00 - Original price $8,705.00
    Original price $3,645.00
    $2,869.99 - $6,609.99
    $2,869.99 - $6,609.99
    Current price $2,869.99
    5 reviews

    One of our Best Selling Sheds - Cedarshed Rancher Large Shed Kit! Our Cedarshed rancher shed kit is partially pre-assembled and is t...

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  • Cedarshed Cedar House Storage Shed

    Original price $5,600.00 - Original price $9,050.00
    Original price $5,600.00 - Original price $9,050.00
    Original price $5,600.00
    $4,339.99 - $7,459.99
    $4,339.99 - $7,459.99
    Current price $4,339.99
    2 reviews

    Cedarshed Cedar House - Providing you extra space for storage and entertainment needs! Need that larger shed for storage or an extra space for ent...

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  • Cedarshed Kids Clubhouse

    Original price $6,290.49 - Original price $8,820.49
    Original price $6,290.49 - Original price $8,820.49
    Original price $6,290.49
    $4,779.99 - $7,189.99
    $4,779.99 - $7,189.99
    Current price $4,779.99

    Cedarshed Kids Clubhouse - Every Kids' dream hideaway Did you know that high-quality early childhood development can improve children’s chances ...

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If you’re looking for the perfect backyard retreat, outdoor office or storage shed, then a Cedarshed is a perfect choice. From small to large, all our Cedarsheds are made with 100% Western Red Cedar from Canada down to the last shingle and plank. You cannot go wrong with these timeless classics! 
The Cedarshed Rancher, Cedarshed Farmhouse, and the Cedarshed Lean to Storage Bayside Shed provide plenty of space for storage or any other use. The versatility of these sheds means you can customize them so they fit your lifestyle perfectly. Whether you need a place to store lawn and garden equipment or if you’re looking for a workshop or craft area, Cedarshed sheds provide plenty of options and space! With the right maintenance, your shed will last for many years to come.


  • Beauty - There is no wood more vibrant and classic than Western Red cedar. With its rich grain and unique color, it is the defacto choice of wood for sheds with a focus on aesthetics!
  • Strength - When it comes to durability and endurance, Western Red Cedar does it best. It stays flat and straight making it unlikely to twist or crack like other wooden products such as treated lumber.
  • It will last for years - If you go to a Cedarwood forest, you will find that these trees have been around for a long, long time– some for even hundreds of years. This is because Western Red Cedar has natural oils that act as preservatives to repel insects attacks and resist decay. 
  • All-Natural - We don’t need chemical treatment as our Cedarsheds are non-toxic and safe for all uses. Unless it's for anything that comes into contact with the ground, we don’t treat it with harmful chemicals to make this a perfect 
  • Aroma of the Ages - Few things in nature are as best known as the subtle fragrance of Western Red Cedar. The time spent in the great expansive forests truly adds a distinct appeal to the characteristic smell of this wood. You will love spending your time inside while you enjoy the breathtaking smell of your 100% natural Cedarshed.  

You will enjoy the many benefits that come with having a Cedarshed Sunhouse Western Red Cedar Greenhouse or Cedarshed Cabana Backyard & Pool Shed or the Cedarshed Haida Cabin & Storage ShedThese cedar shed kits are built to last - far exceeding the lifespan of conventional wooden structures - and make a beautiful addition to any landscape!


Whether you’re looking for a project to work on at your own pace, or having it done by a professional, completing the shed is as easy as it is satisfying. We collected averages based on our customer’s experiences and gathered these timelines so you know what to expect:

  • Pre-cut Gazebos usually take between two to four days to complete.
  • Panelized Gazebos usually take only five to eight hours to complete.
  • Garden sheds only take six to eight hours to complete.

Keep in mind that these are only rough estimates as there are plenty of factors that might affect this, but you are absolutely free to take as much or as little time as you desire.

Since all the wood has been pre-cut to exact lengths and panelized, it is easy as ever to get your Cedar shed up. In fact, some customers even describe it as simple as putting together a big LEGO house!


How hard is it to assemble a Cedar shed product? Do I need experience?
As long as you know how to use a hammer, then you’re halfway there! All Cedarsheds are made so you don’t have to be a professional carpenter to assemble them. We have comprehensive guides and manuals to guide you through. If you have two or three people to help you out, then it will be even easier. Although if you want to hire somebody, then you can do so as well!

What if I receive a damaged or missing piece?
Although it's certainly rare that it does, sometimes a plank or two would get damaged during shipping. If this happens, then worry not - because our team of dedicated Homestead Specialists is here to help. Just send over an email and we’ll do our best to make it right.
Can I apply a stain to preserve my Cedarshed?
A high-quality stain can absolutely do wonders to the looks and durability of your Cedarshed. The wood responds wonderfully to any oil-based stain, tinted, or lightly pigmented finishes. It is a good choice to look for a coating that offers mildewed and UV shielding properties and some additional preservatives to protect its youthful appearance. 
We generally do not recommend varnishes or other film-forming coatings because this tends to crack and peel especially if you use it on Cedar.
You can also leave it unfinished as it is and it will turn a beautiful silver-like grey, rustic, weathered look that a lot of our customers prefer!
What type of ceiling does my Cedarshed come with?
We use a unique design called tongue and groove that shingles are attached to. This is a more expensive pattern that provides a more finished look because the underside of the shingles cannot be seen. 
Using 1x4 boards, we fit together a solid ceiling.  We then use roofing felt over the top to serve as a vapor barrier. We then finish this with Western Red Cedar ridge caps applied along the seams of the roof to keep any water from entering. 
This way, you can enjoy the natural beauty of your Cedarshed from both inside and outside!

We are located in central California and sell online only.

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