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Make It Yours - Farmhouse Shed Kits 

Are you looking for a new room to be used as a guest house, office, art studio, or something else? Our Cedarshed Farmhouse Shed Kit is an excellent choice to add to your property. It gives you plenty of space and a covered patio as well.

Cedarshed Farmhouse Shed Kits

Bring Your Office At The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Expedited Shipping - We also have an option for expedited 2-week production and 1-week shipping (receive your shed in 3 weeks) for $250.

Looking for a new way to enjoy the scenery of your own home while breathing the freshest air from your plants and trees? Worry no more for homestead supplier offers a much better option personally made for you. The gable porch on our farmhouse will be the perfect place for you to put your chairs and a patio table for everyone to enjoy!


The current lead time frame is 5 weeks for production plus a 2-10 day delivery time. How long the delivery will take will depend on the distance from Seattle, Washington to your desired delivery location.


11 Benefits In Becoming a New Owner To Our Cedarshed Farmhouse Shed Kits

Sizes - You can personally choose between our 4 prefab sizes namely 16'x12', 16'x14', 20'x12', and 20'x14'

Western Red Cedar - An environmentally friendly 100% Western Red Cedar that is extremely long-lasting cedar. You don't have to worry about any termites because cedar is simply insect resistant.

Wall - Worry no more for you can have as much space as you want with our pre-built 7 feet wall panels would be more than enough to store all of the things that you currently have.

Door - Lack of space? Having a 5-foot wide double door is just the perfect choice for you. You will no longer have any problem when transporting huge things inside your farmhouse.

Roof - Thinking about your roof? No need to exert effort on making a roof because it is already with a cedar-shingled roof panel.

Porch - Maybe you want to enjoy the view, relax, daydream, spend the rest of your time drinking coffee or reading your favorite magazine. With a 4ft deep ridge porch you can have as much space as you want to do all of those things. Together with a 6 ft tall space and 33 inches handrails you will no longer feel congested and will have a much more relaxed mind.

Floor - How awesome it is to have an environmentally friendly plywood floor that also has a 2x4 cedar floor joist.

Windows - Even if you are inside in your beautiful farmhouse you can still enjoy the view outside with our 2 fixed windows in place.

Decorative Shutters & Planter Boxes - Maybe you just wanted to improve and make your farmhouse even better with our decorative shutters and planter boxes in place you can design anything you want just like the saying your imagination is the limit.

No Cutting Required -  You will no longer have to worry about cutting anymore because everything is already pre-built and all you have to do is to assemble the materials.

Assembly Package -  You don't have to figure everything out because we already did that for you. Our package has already every hardware assembly and plan for you together with an instruction manual to help you efficiently assemble everything.

Don't Forget To Check Out Your Manual  

• FH1612 

• FH1614 

• FH2014

3 Essential Information You Need To Check Out!

Farmhouse Shed Product Sheet
Farmhouse Shed Standard Instruction Manual
Specifications Sheet

Cedarshed Farmhouse Shed Kits


More Technical Details You Probably Didn't Know (Note: This is for 16x12)

Size 16′ W x 12′ L x 9.75′ H
Exterior Dimensions: 203″ x 153 1/2″ x 117″
Interior Dimensions: 191″ x 139 1/2″ x 106″
Sidewall height: 87 1/4″
Door dimensions:  60″ x 72″
Window Dimensions: 16 1/4″ x 25″
Planter box: 18″ x 6″ x 6″
Framing: 2″ x 3″
Trim pieces Made of 3/4" thick cedar
Window Material Made of safe and durable 1/8" plexiglass
Exterior Finishing
100% Western Red Cedar Lumber

Sample Images Of Our Add-Ons

Cedarshed Farmhouse Shed Kits

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Ask a Question
  • Can you assemble the structure!

    We currently do not offer assembly services for the shed kits. However, we do suggest checking a lot of our customers use this website for installation services. Price ranges from $400-$500 depending on the size of the shed.

  • Do you deliver to Connecticut?

    We do deliver in Connecticut, and that is free shipping.

  • I’d like to insulate and bring power to it. Suggestions? Do u have an insulated option?

    We do not have an insulated option for the shed kits, but you can definitely do this as a lot of our customers has also done this for their sheds.

  • looking for a 10' high wall 24x14

    For the Cedarshed Farmhouse, the biggest we can offer is 20x14. For the walls, the maximum height it can be upgraded to is 7'.

  • Can I ask if I could order a larger size? Or something else?

    The largest CedarShed FarmHouse size we have is 20x14. We do have other Cedar shed options that you can view here:

  • Can you put 2 of them together for 1 cabin?

    We do not provide this on our end but if you are comfortable with some customizing and adjustments on your end, you are certainly welcome to build that out.

  • Are you able to add the 7' wall extension to the 20x14 farmhouse?

    Yes, the Farmhouse comes with the 7 foot high sidewalls be default.

  • Could you use this as an off-the-grid home?

    Yes you certainly can! It will require some modifications on your end depending on how you would like to set it up, but would recommend adding insulation and drywall. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

  • Are the dimensions inclusive of the porch? In other words what are the dimensions of the interior space? Thank you.

    Hi There, the dimensions include a 4 foot deep porch. The interior space will depend on the size Farmhouse you select but you can subtract the 4 foot deep porch to figure the interior dimensions.

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