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Price match guarantee + Free Shipping on most items!
Price match guarantee + Free Shipping on most items!

Sunray Saunas

Our saunas are designed to be ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing while providing significant health benefits for consumers.

  • SunRay HL100K Sedona 1-Person Indoor Infrared Sauna

    Sunray Saunas
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    Original price $3,199.00
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    Current price $2,298.00

    HL100K Sedona 1-Person Indoor Infrared Sauna   *Please note that we consider the EMF to be at a low level not to exceed 2.4MG. Experience the perf...

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  • SunRay Barrett HL100K2 1-Person Indoor Infrared Sauna

    Sunray Saunas
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    Barrett HL100K2 1-Person Indoor Infrared Sauna * Please note that we consider the EMF to be at a low level not to exceed 2.4MG. Immerse yourself...

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Transform your wellness routine with SunRay Saunas, a leading manufacturer of top-quality indoor saunas and outdoor saunas in the United States. Our diverse product line ranges from the intimate SunRay 200LX 2-Person Rockledge Traditional Sauna to the spacious SunRay HL400SN 4-Person Tiburon Traditional Sauna, all designed for ultimate comfort and relaxation. Whether you're seeking the gentle warmth of an infrared sauna or the intense heat of a traditional sauna, our products are built with the finest Canadian hardwood, ensuring they're not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable. Our best-in-class warranty assures you'll enjoy many years of serene sauna sessions, whether in our outdoor or indoor models.

SunRay saunas use tongue and groove panels for unsurpassed strength and ease of assembly. Our factory follows IS0-9001 quality control standards to ensure that each indoor sauna reaches the same high-quality standards. SunRay saunas have internationally recognized quality seals for safety and professional manufacturing including CE, CETL, ETL, and RoHS. Standard features on most SunRay Sauna models include digital chromatherapy lighting, oxygen ionization, interior reading lamps, FM radio w/CD player, and adjustable air vents.

Saunas have been used for a long time now and are still being used to this day. Having a sauna at home can help families to unwind and relax and provide some health benefits too!

The benefits that saunas are known for are the relaxation it gives and cardiovascular health. However, not everyone can also benefit from using one.

Fast facts on saunas:

Here are some reminders about saunas.

  • A sauna is a room in which people aim to relax in dry heat.
  • It may provide benefits for cardiovascular health that resemble those derived from exercise.
  • Drinking alcohol before or during a sauna can be dangerous.
  • Anyone who has a cardiovascular problem or who is pregnant should seek medical advice before using a sauna.

Types of saunas

There are several types of saunas, based on how what type of heat source is used. These include:

  • Wood burning: The main source of heat for the sauna room is sauna rocks and wood. Wood-burning saunas are low in humidity and high in temperature.
  • Electrically heated: They are the same as wood-burning saunas as electrically heated saunas have high temperatures and low humidity too. An electrical heater, normally attached to the floor, provides heat to the sauna room.

  • Infrared room: Far-infrared saunas (FIRS) are different from wood-burning and electrically-heated saunas. Special lamps use light waves to heat a person’s body, not the entire room. Temperatures are typically lower than other saunas, but the person sweats in a similar way. Usually, infrared saunas are about 60° Celsius.
  • Steam room: These are different from saunas. Instead of dry heat, a steam room involves high humidity and moist heat.

Possible health benefits

Different heating types or even humidity level does not change the effect that a sauna will give on our bodies, it will be all the same.

When a person sits inside a sauna, their heart rate will increase and their blood vessels will widen. This promotes blood circulation, in a similar way to low when a person does moderate exercises which depends on the duration of sauna use.

Heart rate has been said to increase to 100-150 beats a minute while using a sauna. This may bring some health benefits.

Easing pain

Increased blood circulation may help reduce soreness of the muscle, improve joint movements, and ease arthritis pain.

Reducing stress levels

As the heat in a sauna improves circulation, it may also promote relaxation of the body which can improve feelings of well-being.

Improving cardiovascular health

The reduction in stress levels when using a sauna may also be linked to a lower risk of having cardiovascular events. The use of a sauna may also be associated with lower blood pressure and enhanced heart function.

Please note that sauna use should not replace an exercise program to keep the heart healthy. There is more evidence to support the benefits of regular exercise.


People with asthma may find relief from some symptoms as a result of being inside a sauna. As mentioned earlier, sauna use may help open airways, loosen phlegm, and reduce stress.

Choosing Between Saunas

If you’re wondering what the difference between FAR infrared saunas and traditional steam saunas is, look no further! One of the main differences is how heat is generated. While FAR infrared saunas generate heat as light waves, traditional steam saunas generate convectional heat by using electricity to heat rocks.

Another key difference is the time it takes for the sauna to heat up - FAR infrared saunas take about 10-15 minutes to heat up, while traditional Steam saunas take about an hour. Additionally, FAR infrared saunas run about 30° cooler than traditional saunas, but you may sweat more than you would in a traditional steam sauna as your body absorbs the light waves.



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