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Price Match Guarantee! Free Shipping on Items over $200!

Cream Separators, Butter Churns, and Pasteurizers by Milky

Turn your freshly harvested milk into the most amazing dairy products! 

  • Milky Electric Cream Separator Machine FJ 600 EAR

    Milky Day
    Original price $9,439.00
    Original price $9,439.00 - Original price $9,439.00
    Original price $9,439.00
    Current price $8,499.00
    $8,499.00 - $8,499.00
    Current price $8,499.00

    Milky FJ 600 EAR Electric Milk Cream Separator (115V) *Please contact us at info@homesteadsupplier for shipping fee quotes* The Delivery Timeframe ...

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  • Milky Electric Cream Separator FJ 600 EAR DC

    Milky Day
    Original price $10,199.00
    Original price $10,199.00 - Original price $10,199.00
    Original price $10,199.00
    Current price $8,499.00
    $8,499.00 - $8,499.00
    Current price $8,499.00

    Milky FJ 600 EAR DC Electric Milk Cream Separator (115V) *Please contact us at info@homesteadsupplier for shipping fee quotes* Delivery Timefram...

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  • Milky Electric Cream Separator Machine FJ 350 EAR

    Milky Day
    Original price $6,119.00
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    Original price $6,119.00
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    $5,099.00 - $5,099.00
    Current price $5,099.00
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    Milky FJ 350 EAR Electric Milk Cream Separator (115V) The estimated lead time for delivery is 1 to 2 weeks from the date of order. *Please contac...

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Our Milky line of milk processing units is guaranteed to be the best quality for the best possible cream, butter, and pasteurized products. Churn it out the right way and do your dairy the justice it deserves with Milky!
From dairy hobbyists to professional producers- all of them love the easy-to-use, durable, and incredible processing power.  Anybody and everybody who has the means of fresh milk can use our cream separators! It would be a very worthwhile investment if you are an:
  • Owner of a farm or Homestead and would want to take advantage of the nutritious dairy from your barnyard livestock.
  • Entrepreneur looking to diversify your milk products– you can churn cream, sour cream, skimmed milk, and make incredible profits!
  • Cheesemaker who needs a specific fat content such as Camembert, or if you need less such as Parmesan.
  • Enthusiasts that just love dairy and would like to pursue a hobby in Dairy processing.
So if you’re really considering taking your Dairy seriously, read below and learn more about each type of Milky Day product!

Cream Separators

What type of milk works best for these Milky Day cream separators?
You can use our Milky Day cream separator for all types of milk. From cows to goats, to even more unconventional choices such as donkeys, camels, or even horses!
Can I collect cream, when it floats up to the milk surface, without the help of the cream separator machine?
Collecting cream is very difficult to do especially with goat or sheep’s milk. The amount you collect is usually only half and a lot of it is wasted using this method. You will get a much better yield with a cream separator, you can get a cream with up to 40% of butterfat in it depending on your milk quality.
Can I use our Milky Cream separator for Jersey cow milk processing?
Yes, you can. Jersey cow milk has more fat than standard milk, so it will create an even more luxurious cream loaded with amazing butterfat. 
How do I choose the right capacity?
It would be a good idea to pick a separator with a capacity higher than the amount you are planning to process per hour. This is because you would need to clean the separator from the milk fat every half hour to two hours depending on your milk quality.
For example, if you’re planning to do 3 gallons an hour, then one such as the Milky Day FJ 32 which has a 3.5-gallon capacity would be the best choice. 
How do you set the right fat content for cream separation?
Getting the precise fat content is a matter of trial and error because it entirely depends on the quality of the milk. We suggest using the regulating screw to make the cream thicker or thinner until you get the desired result you want. 
Plastic aluminum or stainless steel, which one is better?
Generally, stainless steel is the best material for the food industry which is what these products are made of.  Some aluminum and plastic alloys can be used in food processing, but they are not as well recognized in some countries or states as stainless steel.
Do your cream separators fit the Standardized 3-A?
No, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use our cream separators commercially in the USA. It all depends on which state you live in and what criteria your local food inspector follows.
 A lot of our customers use our cream separators commercially, but we recommend you consult with your local food inspector and present the specifications before the purchase. If you need any further information, you can always email or call us and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Butter Churns

What is a butter churn and how does it work?
Butter churns make butter from cream, dividing it into butter and buttermilk. You add cream to a container and paddles will stir it until it separates.
Back in the old days, this was done through hand through wood and a paddle. Now you can easily produce amazing, rich butter with little to no effort thanks to motorized engines such as our Milky FJ 32.
How long does it take to churn butter?
The churning process takes 25-30 minutes.
What kinds of butter can I make with a churn?
The number of kinds of butter is limited only by your imagination - Salted butter, Unsalted butter, Garlic butter, Honey butter, Truffle Butter, and Chocolate butter (which is produced at Easter). By the way, a great high-capacity electric butter churn is the Milky FJ 32!
Do you have a small butter churn that I can use at home?
Yes, some models we have are pretty compact and you can use them even on the tabletop in your kitchen. Here are the units that we recommend the most:
  • Electric butter churn Milky FJ 10 
  • Or you can go traditional and hand-crank it with the Milky FJ 10H.
What is the maximal butterfat content can I reach?
The most we ever heard of was one of our customers who reached 86.5%. Maybe someone reached an even higher level of fat but we don't know about this yet – perhaps you can break this record!
How much butter am I expected to yield from my milk?
You can get approximately 4% of butter from your milk. That means that from 100 lbs of milk, you can get about 4 lbs of butter.
Can I make butter without a butter churning machine?
Yes, you can. If you plan on just doing a small amount, you can do this by using a regular stand mixer with a paddle attachment. You can paddle this until the cream separates into buttermilk and butter.
Or you can be more creative as Brian Johnston from Tenessee and make and make your homemade butter churn. He DIY-ed his own churn using a drill press and a big paint paddle he bought from his local home improvement store!
What is the best type of cream for the butter churn?
You can use the cream made from the milk of cows, goats, and sheep due to their high-fat content. However, you can use any milk with enough butterfat content.


What is pasteurization?
Pasteurization is a process in which your dairy is treated with mild heat, usually to less than 100 °C, to eliminate harmful bacteria and other germs. This extends shelf life and is absolutely essential if you want to export or sell your dairy products. At the same time, you get to retain a lot of the essential nutrients and retain the natural flavor of your milk.
Can I make cheese or yogurt with these?
You can make any type of cheese or yogurt given you have the right culture! 
Can’t I just make cheese in a pot on top of the stove?
Technically you can, if you had no other choice, but why would you? Not only would you need to use many large pots, but you will also need to stay near the stove and regulate the temperature throughout the entire process.
Not to mention that you would usually have to handle it by hand out of scalding hot water! 
However, if you use pasteurizers, you can just configure the temperature and time, then set it and forget it. There’s no risk of it getting burnt or the milk boiling over. Save your money, your fingers, and your time!
Unboxing a Milky Small Milk Pasteurizer Machine FJ 15.

We are located in central California and sell online only.

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