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Sale Extra 5%-15% Off Many Brands!
Sale Extra 5%-15% Off Many Brands!

Cream Separators

Cream separators are a great investment for any dairy farmer. Take control of the quality, diversity, and profits of your dairy products with Homestead Supplier’s selection of cream separators!

  • Milky Electric Cream Separator Machine FJ 90 PP

    Milky Day
    Original price $889.00
    Original price $889.00 - Original price $889.00
    Original price $889.00
    Current price $769.00
    $769.00 - $769.00
    Current price $769.00

    Electric Milk and Cream Separator by Milky, Model FJ 90 PP This electric milk and cream separator is the perfect choice for your home or small busi...

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  • Motor Sich Electric Milk Cream Separator Machine 100-19

    Milky Day
    Original price $499.00
    Original price $499.00 - Original price $499.00
    Original price $499.00
    Current price $349.00
    $349.00 - $349.00
    Current price $349.00

    Electric Cream and Milk Separator Machine by Motor Sich (115V) If making cream, sour cream or low-fat milk at home is up to your alley, then you ne...

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Homestead Supplier Cream Separators

A cream separator separates milk into different layers of cream. It makes the process quicker, easier, and more reliable--a crucial aid on any farm with animals that produce milk. It has fast centrifugal force processing power which allows it to extract fat from milk quickly and accurately. Even if your goal is simply to buy raw milk and turn it into dairy products like cream, skimmed milk, or sour cream for sale, a separator will come in handy; the same goes if you love making cheese or yogurt at home.

Standardize your Fat Content

If you need milk with a certain fat content, cream separators are the perfect solution. Once you separate the cream, you can then add the required amount of cream back in order to reach the desired fat content.

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Diversify your Dairy 

Skimmed milk is what's left after the cream has been extracted. This can be consumed or used to make other low-fat dairy products like skim milk. On top of the cream you yield, you can take this even further by making sour cream and yogurt by adding certain cultures! The possibilities are endless.

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Homestead Supplier Types of Dairy

Clean And Pure Results

Thanks to the centrifugal force, cream separators can effectively filter out foreign particles like dirt, blood, and mucus from milk. Leaving only high-grade dairy after processing!

Maximize Your Profits

Using cream separators from Milky Day can be incredibly profitable. Instead of selling just 26 liters of whole milk, you can sell 9 liters of 10% cream and 17 gallons of skimmed milk.  Why settle for selling only just whole milk when you can sell Skim Milk, Cream, Yogurt, and Sour Cream with much better margins?

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What types of Animal Milk can I process with a cream separator?

Our cream separators are versatile and can handle any type of milk, whether it's from a goat, cow, or even a sheep. We've had customers who have used it for donkey milk and camel milk with great success.

Can this be used for Jersey Cows?

Yes! Jersey cows are known for producing milk that is higher in fat content than other kinds of cows, but this isn't an issue.

How do I know which capacity to choose?

You’d have to remember that you’d need to clear the separator for the milk fat every 30-120 minutes depending on the quality of the milk. It is recommended to pick a separator that is higher in capacity than the amount you plan on processing per hour. So if you’re planning somewhere around 25 gallons an hour, the Milky Model FJ130 would be an excellent choice since it has a maximum capacity of 34 gallons an hour.

How much fat content can I expect to yield from using a cream separator?

Processing milk with this device will net you a minimum of 40% butterfat. The amount varies depending on the quality and type of milk being used.

How do I ensure accurate fat content?

The screw on our machines can control how much cream is produced, so you can make it as thick or thin as you like.

Other than Skim Milk, Cream, and Sour Cream, what other products can I make?

We have even more options for you to diversify your product line. You can make butter from cream if you have a butter churn. Also, if you have dairy cultures, then you can make cheese, yogurt, or cheese from skimmed milk as well. 

Are these products 3-A Certified?

Since they are manufactured in Europe, they are certified by the EU 3-A Equivalent. Please check with your state and local food inspector for additional details and regulations, as these vary by state, county, and city. Many of our customers use our cream separators commercially for various purposes.

What material is best? Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Polycarbonate?

Though stainless steel is the best material to process milk and food, it is also quite expensive but will be more durable in the long run. A more affordable option that doesn't lack in quality is aluminum or plastic alloys. Polycarbonate, which our company uses for our dairy equipment, is a great example of a high-quality plastic alternative that won't oxidize as aluminum does.

All our product's components are made with a combination of these types of materials depending on how they are used in the overall process, however, we can surely vouch that all of them are made with absolute quality and you can't go wrong either way. It really does all come down to budget and how you'll use and maintain them.

Should I go for a Motor Sich or Milky Day? What's the difference?

The main difference is the types of material used as Motor Sich products use more polycarbonate in their body as well as Aluminum Alloy versus Milky Day which uses Polycarbonate, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel. If you want a good quality product for a fair price, we recommend the Motor Sich cream separator machine. However, if you want the best of both worlds in terms of quality and effectiveness, the Milky cream separator machine is perfect for you. 

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