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Price Match Guarantee! Free Shipping on Items over $200!


With a wide range of capacities and sizes, Homestead Supplier's collection of Milk Pasteurizers is perfect for both home or micro dairy farm use. An essential investment for any dairy enthusiast to keep your dairy products remaining fresh longer and safer!

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Performance and Precision Pasteurizers


Types of Pastuerizers

Save time and money
by worrying less about shelf life and spoilage and start focusing on diversifying your dairy products! With Pasteurization, you can heat treat your milk and kill any harmful microorganisms and enzymes responsible for spoiling your dairy milk, making it safe for consumption. Pasteurized products are much more shelf-stable than their raw counterparts due to this process, with extended shelf lives up to 10 times higher. 
The best machine for you will depend on your needs and budget. If you have a small operation and need a budget-friendly option, the Milky Large Milk Pasteurizer Machine FJ 15 3.7 Gallon is a good choice. If you have a larger operation or need more capacity, the Milky Large Milk Pasteurizer Machine FJ 30 7.6 Gallon or Milky Large Milk Pasteurizer Machine FJ 50 13.2 Gallon are better options. If you want the most features, the Milky Large Milk Pasteurizer Machine FJ 50 13.2 Gallon is the way to go.

Pasteurizer Uses

Not only does pasteurization increase food safety, but it also enhances the product’s flavor and nutritional quality as well. Pasteurizing milk also locks in vitamins, minerals, and proteins that microorganisms would otherwise destroy. 

Modes of Pastuerization

You'll have absolute command over the heat of pasteurization to guarantee your goods remain fresh for longer. Pasteurizing your food faster also saves time since it will take little time like when using old-fashioned techniques such as boiling or salting foods! It's obvious why numerous Americans are now counting on pasteurizers for creating top-notch dairy products promptly and inexpensively!


Other than milk, what else can I pasteurize?

Our pasteurizer allows you to produce an array of products, including milk, cream, and juice. You can also make soft and hard cheeses as well as curdled cheese with our device. Moreover, its capabilities extend beyond that; Natural and fruit yogurts are among the items you can prepare using this equipment!


Types of Products Pastuerizers

Do you have different sizes for the pasteurizers you sell?

Our pasteurizers have a range of capacities, from 3-7 gallons (14 to 29 liters), making them perfect for home or micro dairy farm use. If you are in need of something larger - say 13-26 gallons (45 to 90 liters) - please contact us and we'll happily check its availability!

How do I set up a Pasteurizer?

Setting up your Pasteurizer from box to production can be done in 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Wash all the parts of the pasteurizer using dish soap to get rid of any metallic or other particles left from the manufacturing process. 

2: Connect the pasteurizer to a source of cold water and consider where you will discharge the used water. 

3: Fill up the pasteurizer with water before turning it on - otherwise it could cause damage when run empty. 

4: Input your settings, including a heating temperature and length of time for which you'd like your Pasteurizer to maintain that temperature (some Pasteurizers measure only the temperature of water, not milk so make sure you know which yours does). 

5: Once everything is ready and the milk is inside, run your Pasteurization cycle!

What are some other pieces of equipment that comes in handy when using a pasteurizer?

We recommend also having several other pieces of equipment to maximize your yield. 

Other Equipment for Pastuerizer

On top of this, you can even further diversify your dairy products with a Butter Churn and Cream Separator


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