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Sale on select items + Free shipping on all orders over $200!
Sale on select items + Free shipping on all orders over $200!

Gas Fireplace Burners by Master Flame

The MASTER FLAME fully-vented gas log systems are made by Aspen Industries and feature excellent craftsmanship, realistic detail, and higher aesthetic appeal.
Fire pit grates, fire rings, pokers, covers, snuffers, and other accessories are also available.

  • Master Flame Outdoor Round Fire Pit Dome Cover in Carbon Steel

    Master Flame
    Original price $706.82 - Original price $782.34
    Original price $706.82 - Original price $782.34
    Original price $706.82
    $615.00 - $690.00
    $615.00 - $690.00
    Current price $615.00

    Outdoor Round Fire Pit Dome Cover - Carbon Steel When you're ready to unwind for the evening, use this dome-shaped fire pit cover to put out the f...

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The Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

Modern Australian houses demand gas log burners for their desired benefits. You'll love these 4 reasons why gas log burners offer a better home heating option if you don't like the hassle of maintaining traditional wood-burning fireplaces: having to buy or chop wood, finding suitable wood storage space, figuring out the best way to stack wood in the firebox for quick lighting and efficient burning, and having to go outside in the cold to get more wood when the fire is burning out.

1. Vented and non-vented home heating appliances

There are vented and non-vented models of gas fireplaces. This option makes it simple for homes without chimneys or conventional venting systems to easily have a fireplace installed with the least amount of hassle.

2. Ease of use

With a gas log burner, fire starting is rapid and easy in contrast to lighting a wood-burning fire. Modern appliances only require the flick of a switch or the pressing of a button on a remote control to operate. It really is that simple.

3. Realistic-looking

Gas log fireplaces include real-looking logs that enhance the fire's realism. The flame pattern increases the 'realness' of actual wood-burning fires by an additional level.

4. Optimal heating output

Since no heat escapes through the chimney or other venting systems, balanced flue gas models are well known for providing better heat output than open gas. A thermostat can also be used to control the heat, making it considerably simpler to manage the fire in the firebox.

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