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Price Match Guarantee! Free Shipping on Items over $200!

Jackery Solar Panels and Carrying Cases

  • Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel

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    Original price $349.00 - Original price $349.00
    Original price $349.00
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    Current price $299.99

      Jackery SolarSaga 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel, stay charged with the power of the sun! With a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, it's ...

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  • Jackery SolarSaga 200 Solar Panel

    Original price $775.00
    Original price $775.00 - Original price $775.00
    Original price $775.00
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    Paired with Jackery Explorer 2000 PRO: It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge a Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 2000 PRO via 6 SolarSaga 200. T...

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Unboxing the Solar Saga 100W Solar Panel

How to use your Solar Saga 100W Solar Panel


Jackery Solar Panels can be folded and even strapped so it won't be hard for you to carry and use them. The main goal is to make sure the solar panels are positioned where they can get as much sunlight so that they can then convert this to clean energy. Our Solar Panels have 23.7% efficiency and that’s actually one of the highest in the industry.


When you use the Jackery Solar Saga 100W Solar Panels with any of your Jackery Explorer models, it will then create a portable solar generator system. The solar power it gets will be stored in the power station’s lithium battery to ensure that your model is charged. One benefit of setting up your own Solar Generator is that you will always have an emergency backup power source every time you’re on the go!

Some Important Things to Remember when caring for your Jackery Solar Saga 100W Solar Panel

1. Never attempt to bend and flex your solar panels as they might break.

2. Avoid storing your solar panels in places that have shade. Shades from trees, buildings, and some obstructions should be avoided and minimized.

3. Never attempt to place your solar panels in water or any type of liquid.

4.  When cleaning your solar panel, it is enough to just wipe the dirt accumulated on the panels using a damp cloth. Never attempt to pour water directly into the solar panels in cleaning them.

5. When storing your solar panels for safekeeping, avoid placing them near open flames or other materials that can combust.

6. The solar panels can be easily scratched by sharp objects, so make sure that you keep them away to avoid damaging their surfaces.

7. Do not place the solar panels near substances that can cause corrosion.

8. Be careful when you are around the solar panels as they can't withstand heavy objects or you accidentally step on them.

9. Never attempt to disassemble the solar panels on your own. Do not do this.

10. When using the solar panels, make sure that you safely connect them to the Jackery Explorer you are using. Avoid short-circuiting the positive and negative poles and make sure that there won't be any gaps between the Solar Panel's connector and the insulated connector. If you see a gap, it may cause some sparks and electrical shock.

11. Before using your solar panels, make sure to always check the connection status first of the wires, cables, and plugs.





Is there a longer charging cable included in the Jackery Power Stations?

-         Unfortunately, no. If there is an extension cable that we will release in the future, we will advertise it on our site. It can not be lower than the standard  16AWG. It is always best to keep the length of the cable within 5 meters.


What are the sizes of 2 small DC output port that is on the Explorer 500?

-         It is 6.5x1.4mm. If the device you have can match it, then yes you can use it. These are for DIY use. You can also use a car cigarette lighter port as they function the same.


Where can I get an extra 8mm converter, I lost mine.

-         The Solar Saga 100W should not be plugged into an Explorer 1500 directly because the center pin is small. You can use the adapter to connect the solar panel plug to the E1500 input port.


How long is the 12V car charging cable that’s included in the Jackery Power stations?

-         2 meters long.


How long is the adapter cable for the power station?

-         2.4 meters long except for the one found in the E2000 which is only 2 meters long.

Can I use the generator while it's in the bag?

-         We suggest do not use it while in the bag since it’s form-fitting.


Does the case include room for the power cords?

-         Yes, it still has room to put the power cords.


Is the smallest carrying case fit for Jackery Explorer 300?

-         Yes, the carrying case bag is fit for Explorer 240 and 300.

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