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Shed and Greenhouse Sale + Free Shipping on most items!
Shed and Greenhouse Sale + Free Shipping on most items!

Outdoor Cedar Furniture by Homestead CedarWorks

Homestead CedarWorks USA is a world leader in fine patio furniture, outdoor furniture, garden furniture, and outdoor garden furniture.

  • Homestead CedarWorks Wooden Footstool

    Homestead CedarWorks
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    Wooden Footstool Handcrafted with Western Red Cedar, our Cedar Stool is small and lightweight with an incredibly sturdy leg design. Ideal for hard...

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Homestead CedarWorks
When it comes to high-quality patio, outdoor and garden furniture - you'll never go wrong with Homestead Cedarworks. The furniture are made mostly from Teak Cedar and Rattan. You can find Adirondack Chair Swings, Patio Tables, and Garden benches on our collection pages. Homestead Cedarworks is truly the best choice for all your outdoor, patio, and garden furniture needs.
All of our furniture selections are made from REAL wood that is perfect for your outdoor or patio furniture needs. We have also a lot of items that will look good in your garden or deck. Not only that, we can answer any of your questions regarding tips on cedar finishing for the furniture you choose. The good thing about our furniture is that you will find them a lot more cost-effective compared to other brands!
Create a peaceful, tranquil oasis in your own home with the Home Spa set from Homestead Supplies. Start off by relaxing on the Pergola with Swing. Enjoy leisurely moments spent in the sun or shade as you sway slowly in the breeze. Nestled around a tree, let Around The Tree Bench provide perfect seating to share conversations with friends and family. And with the 4-Ft Box Planter, you can grow your herbs for a unique spa experience.

For fine dining al fresco, set up the Shaped Leg Table and enjoy a meal in luxury. With its intricately designed legs and beveled edges, this table will give an elegant touch to any gathering. Plus it's made of weather-resistant materials that will keep it looking like new for years.

Spoil yourself with the Home Spa set from Homestead Supplies. Make your home a sanctuary where you can indulge in relaxation. With these products, you can craft an outdoor space that is as beautiful as it is functional. Enjoy the peace and tranquility that only a Home Spa can provide.


  1. It is weather resistant - it has nautral oil that repels water that keeps it from warping, cracking or become brittle. Rest assured that your outdoor furniture will withstand rain and even sever winter snow storms.

  2. It is pest resistant - the same natural oils that teak wood have also serves as a natural repellent against termites and marine borers.

  3. It is very low maintenance - they wonnt need paint or varnish! With it's natural oil content, your teak furniture will fade to a nice even colored patina and wont look patchy.

  4. It is long lasting - you will be surprised to know that there are a lot of park benches in England made from teak wood which is a testament of durability.

  5. It is beautiful, and will stay beautiful - the first few year of having teak furniture, you will notice its honey brown color. Over time, it will age and fade into a beautiful patina grey.

We are located in central California and sell online only.

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