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Price match guarantee + Free Shipping on most items!
Price match guarantee + Free Shipping on most items!

Chicken Coop Kits

Backyard chicken coops are popping up everywhere and are easier to build than ever! If you like the thought of raising chickens, but building your own coop seems overwhelming or too expensive, then we have the perfect selection for you! 

  • Little Cottage Company Round Roof Chicken Coop Kit

    Little Cottage Company
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    Original price $5,213.00 - Original price $6,628.00
    Original price $5,213.00
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    Little Cottage Company Round Roof Coop Raise healthier and happier Chickens with these Round Roof Coop! A Better Way to House Your Feathered Fr...

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It is important to consider where you will be placing the coop in order to maintain cleanliness and protect the birds. A coop is best assembled on high ground to avoid flooding or any buildup of water and moisture.

Building a chicken coop may seem hard but with our kits such as the Little Cottage Company Gambrel Barn Chicken Coop, EZ-Fit 5x8 Portable Chicken Coop Kit and the Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Chicken Coop, assembly would be a breeze. We provide everything you need along with step by step instructions.

Why Chicken Coops are a good investment

Aside from the abundance of eggs that you can get throughout the year and the different entertaining traits that your chickens may have, raising your own chicken empire may be the best decision you will be making. There are many benefits of constructing your own backyard chicken coop. But of course, there are several things you would need to consider before building one.

Now that we are all wary of how our food is sourced and questioning the quality of it, it is always a good idea to grow your own source. We all eat chickens and eggs. Having them in your own backyard and creating a chicken farm is very rewarding as you can also get to produce quality and fresh eggs.

Chickens tend to be low maintenance

The time you will be spending taking care of your chickens can be compared to when you take care of your dogs and cats. Once you give them the basics such as food, shelter, water, and enough space to go bug hunting, you will realize that they are very self-sufficient. Chickens dedicate their time scratching around the dirt looking for bugs and worms to eat.

You can easily place their food in the dispensers found inside the coop or maybe even just slightly off the ground on where they roam around, meaning you don’t have to be always there to feed them.

But keep in mind, you need to make sure to look after their safety by making sure the locks on the chicken coop are locked. Some may even use a wireless door opener or ask their loved ones to secure the coops whenever they are away.

Quality fresh eggs are better than the normal ones from the factory

It takes around 4 months before your hens start hatching their first eggs. Sometimes, you will notice that the size varies but what you can’t deny is the taste. You can’t compare the taste of fresh eggs versus grocery store eggs.

Some grocery store eggs had gone through a lot of changes already before it even reaches the store. The yolk will not be as firm and high when it was first laid and the whites become bland.

Your fresh eggs will always have a richer and creamy texture, and you will notice that when you cook some scrambled eggs! It will be fluffier and you will see that the yolk would be firmer and better in color. Bottom line is, you know that your hens are healthy, you feed them and know the conditions where they live.

Manure – the “black gold”

Did you know that a hen can produce at least 2 cubic feet of manure yearly? That’s a lot to take in, we know. You can always compost manure – thus making it into black gold. This helps in farming and generally makes your soil take in more water, add phosphorus, provide potassium and nitrogen.

If you’re not interested in doing this, you can always give your chicken manure to the garbage pick-up service to check if they can be used for any options to recycle.

Pest Control

Chicken loves bugs. Some bugs are considered pests. Win-win right? When you place your hen in the garden or backyard lawn, their natural instinct is to go scratch the ground and look for those nasty bugs that have been eating away your plants.

Some popular pests are crane flies and chickens love these. You will soon realize how good of a hunter your chickens are when you see them in action. The worm population in your backyard will also decline. Imagine seeing your hens fighting over a single juicy one.

Chickens are people friendly and can be even made as pets

Chickens are very curious and social creatures. You will notice that as young chicks, they grow really fast! Within the first or second month, you will be able to see amongst the pack which chicken will be the dominant and submissive one.

Being around people brings out the curiosity of your chickens. When you approach the coop, they will come running over to see what’s going on and they would follow your pace.

Earn by selling some of the eggs

There will come a time that you will have too many eggs to eat, and this could be a good problem to have as you can start selling them. Your neighbors will love the fresh eggs and you may even go to your local farmers market and sell them there. The main selling point is that your eggs are fresh!

Egg cartons are easy to get, however in some areas you may also need to get a business license or a special permit to start selling your chicken eggs.


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