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Price match guarantee + Free Shipping on most items!
Price match guarantee + Free Shipping on most items!

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse

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Find a better price? We will beat it!If you find this item cheaper elsewhere (price plus shipping and taxes), please email or call us.*We do not price match past orders, local stores, prices below our costs, and the item must be in stock.

Find a better price? We will beat it!

If you find this item cheaper elsewhere (price plus shipping and taxes), please email or call us.

*We do not price match past orders, local stores, prices below our costs, and the item must be in stock.

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse

Start growing veggies, fruits, and plants all year round with our Little Cottage Colonial greenhouse kit! This panelized kit is shipped to you in sections making for a quick and easy assembly.

Lead time for production is around 8 weeks or less. Shipping time is 2-9 days depending on the distance from our site in Ohio to your home.

Looking for a similar greenhouse with 1-2 week lead time? Check out the EZ fit Greenhouse here

little cottage company colonial gable greenhouse labeled

Delivery Instructions

Assembly Manual

Looking for an affordable but high-quality greenhouse for your garden? Meet our Colonial Gable Greenhouse - a dream come true for gardening enthusiasts! This isn't merely a greenhouse; it's a personal refuge. Immerse yourself in the joy of cultivating your beloved fruits, herbs, plants, and flowers in a space thoughtfully created to foster their growth and well-being.

Firstly, let's talk about its superb features. This large and beautiful greenhouse comes in many different sizes and features a corrugated polycarbonate roof and panelized wall sections for easy installation. Designed to give you the space you deserve and plants to enjoy, this is an exceptional value greenhouse with all of the great features that have made Little Cottage Company greenhouses one of our most popular brands. With a durable roof, an adorable Dutch door, sleek windows, and colonial-style hinges, it masterfully balances refinement with functionality. It also includes loads of windows with half screens and transoms that allow optimal light and air circulation, the quality is evident in every inch. Let's also not forget the fact that this greenhouse is Amish-crafted offering unmatched value for money. This greenhouse can be much more than a place to grow plants so why wait? Enhance your garden's appeal and utility today with the Colonial Gable Greenhouse!

Panelized Kits: The greenhouse comes in large panelized sections and is recommended for most users as it is easier to assemble and saves significant time. Each panel is perfectly square & ready to assemble!


Although our trailers and carriers most often come with liftgates to unload your greenhouse, there might be certain factors such as terrain, road clearance, or the weight of the pallet being too heavy for the liftgate to unload which might prevent that from doing so. We encourage you to have 2-3 people ready on the day of the delivery to manually unload the pieces on the pallet one by one. Each individual piece weighs around 1-100 lbs. so it is manageable to have one person on the trailer carry down the piece and the other receives it from the curb. 


Size 8' x 8' 8' x 12' 8' x 16' 10' x 12' 10' x 14' 10' x 16'
Inside Height to the Peak 114" 114" 114" 124" 124" 124"
Floor Width 96" 96" 96" 120" 120" 120"
Floor Depth 96" 144" 192" 144" 168" 192"
Height without 4x4 Runner 120" 120" 120" 130" 130" 130"
Adult Door Opening 34"x72" 34"x72" 34"x72" 34"x72" 34"x72" 34"x72"
Floor 8' x 8' 8' x 12' 8' x 16' 10' x 12' 10' x 14' 10' x 16'
Transom Window Size 10"x18" 10"x18" 10"x18" 10"x18" 10"x18" 10"x18"
Window Size 18"x22" 18"x22" 18"x22" 18"x22" 18"x22" 18"x22"
Height with 4x4 Runner 124" 124" 124" 135" 135" 135"
Sidewall Height 76.1/2" 76.1/2" 76.1/2" 76.1/2" 76.1/2" 76.1/2"
Overall Width w/ Overhang 8'6" 8'6" 8'6" 10'6"
10'6" 10'6"
Overall Depth w/ Overhang 8'6" 12'6" 16'6" 12'6" 14'6" 16'6"
# of Windows/Transoms 25/12 33/16 41/20 35/17 36/19 47/23

little cottage company colonial gable greenhouse parts


  • Amish Craftsmanship:  Constructed with exceptional Amish skill, the Colonial Gable Greenhouse promises a sturdy and well-built design that is sure to stand the test of time.

  • LP Smartside siding and trim: The shed is made with premium LP Smartside siding and trim, which are treated to resist rot and termite damage, ensuring the longevity and durability of your greenhouse.
  • Windows with tempered glass, grids, and screens: The greenhouse features 18x22 windows with tempered glass, grids, and screens, providing ample natural light and ventilation for your plants. Number of windows: 8×8(25); 8×12 (33); 8×16 (41); 10×12 (35); 10×14 (36) and 10×16 (47)
  • 10x18 transom windows: These non-opening windows with tempered glass add additional light and architectural interest to the greenhouse. Number of windows:8×8 (12); 8×12 (16); 8×16 (20); 10×12 (17); 10×14 (19) and 10×16 (23)
  • Colonial Dutch door: The charming Colonial Dutch door provides easy access to your greenhouse while also enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

  • 5/12" Roof Pitch: The shed's roof is designed with a 5/12" pitch, providing better water runoff and adding to the shed's overall durability.

  • Colonial louvers: These decorative louvers add to the greenhouse's colonial-style design and contribute to proper air circulation within the structure.
  • Corrugated polycarbonate roofing: The greenhouse features a durable and lightweight corrugated polycarbonate roof, which allows sunlight to filter through while providing protection from the elements.
  • Interior wooden shelving on three sides: The shed comes with wooden shelves on three sides, offering ample space for organizing and displaying your plants and gardening tools.

  • Rods for hanging baskets: The greenhouse includes rods for hanging plant baskets, allowing you to maximize your growing space and create a beautiful, lush environment.
  • Primed for painting: The unit comes primed and ready for paint, enabling you to customize the greenhouse's appearance to suit your personal taste or match your property's aesthetic.

  • Hardware and instruction manual included: All necessary hardware and an instruction manual are provided with the Colonial Greenhouse Gable Shed, ensuring a smooth assembly process.
Frame Material Solid Wood
Panel Material Glass; Polycarbonate
Roof Style Apex
Weather Resistant Yes
Rot Resistant Yes
UV Resistant Yes
Water Resistant Yes
Mold/Mildew Resistant Yes
Rust Resistant Yes
Door Type Hinge
Shelf Material Wood
Window Opening Mechanism Manual
Ventilation Location Wall Vent; Window Vent


  • Paint
  • Floor (if the building is not purchased with a floor kit)
  • If you will be preparing a cement/concrete slab, it would have to be exactly the same size as the unit. If the concrete slab is larger then you would have to trim the 3” skirt that falls below the bottom plate that is designed to wrap around the flooring.

The customer can easily purchase the above items at a local hardware store.

Custom Made by You

colonial gable greenhouse designed by you

Optional floor kit:

  • Treated 2 x 4’s – 16” (OC) for base
  •  5/8″ plywood Flooring material
  • The Optional Floor joists are 2 x 4’s – 16″ on center with 5/8″ CDX plywood
  • The floor size should be exactly the same size as the building
  • Treated 4×4 runners included

Do I need a Floor Kit? This depends on your preference. If you are not getting a floor kit from us, you can either build your own floor or create a cement slab for your shed. Please take note that it should be exactly the same size as the shed.

Greenhouse Comparison

little cottage company colonial gable greenhouse
ez fit sheds greenhouse in a yard cedarshed sunhouse greenhouse in a backyard fully assembled riverstone industries monticello black greenhouse fully assembled in a backyard 6x8-growit-greenhouse-shelterlogic
Brand Little Cottage Company EZ-Fit Sheds Cedarshed Riverstone Industries ShelterLogic
Name Colonial Gable Greenhouse EZ-Fit Greenhouse Kit Sunhouse Greenhouse Monticello Black Greenhouse GrowIT Backyard Greenhouse
Material LP Smartside Siding and Trim LP Smartside Siding and Trim Western Red Cedar Aluminum Frame/Polycarbonate Body high-grade powder-coated steel frame
Windows Yes Yes Yes No (Optional Add on) No
Roofing  Material Corrugated Polycarbonate Sunsky Soft White Roofing Cedar Roof with Integrated Thermoclear Panels Polycarbonate Polyethylene 5.5 oz
Ventilation Windows with tempered glass, grids, and screens Windows with tempered glass, grids, and screens Push-out Window Roof Vents Screen vents
Additional  Features Interior shelves, Rods for hanging baskets, Colonial Dutch door Storage shelves, Wooden framing to support shelving sections Dutch door, Workbench, Pre-built panels Integrated flush base design, Corrosion-Proof 4 ft. shelving on both sides, Triple Layer heat-bonded ripstop Translucent cover
Greenhouse  Type Walk in Walk in Walk in Walk in Portable
Sizes 8x8' , 8x12' , 8x16' , 10x12 , 10x14' , 10x16' 8x8' , 8x10' , 8x12' , 10x12 , 10x14' , 10x16' , 12x16' , 12x20' , 12x24' 8x8' , 8x12' , 8x16' ,12x12' 8x8' , 8x12' , 8x16 , 8x20' , 8x24' 6x8'

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size truck would deliver the greenhouse?
- Most kits are delivered by semi-trucks. Kindly email us at for further questions about delivery details to your specific address.

2. Do I need a pressure-treated wood frame to anchor the greenhouse into, or can I literally just assemble and place it on the gravel? Gravel to be the "floor". Can I just stake/anchor the greenhouse into the ground? Or does it even need to be anchored?

Yes, you will need some sort of frame or footer to attach the wall sections too. These can be heavy so the framing will have to be substantial. The walls cannot be assembled on the gravel directly.

Also please note that the size of the frame/footer needs to be the exact size of the unit they purchased as there is a 3” skirt that falls below the bottom plate that is designed to wrap around the flooring. If the framing is more significant than they would have to cut this 3” off. 

Two Person Delivery

Note: For residential deliveries, the customer will be notified with a phone call from the shipping company before the kit is delivered to them


Idea of what the kit will look like before shipping from our warehouse for delivery


When the pallet reaches the customer's local terminal, the shipping company will contact the customer to set up delivery


Pieces are packed onto the pallet individually. After the bands are cut from the pallet, the kit can be unloaded piece by piece


The customer is responsible for providing a minimum of two people at the time of delivery to help unload the kit


The delivery driver is not required to help unload the kit


Kit is unloaded!

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Ask a Question
  • Do you have to use all 3 shelves? Can it just be one sided or 2 sided?

    For any customization request, kindly contact us at

  • Can you get thermal Payne windows bronze or dark brown

    We currently do not offer any customizations for the windows on the Colonial Gable Greenhouse.

  • Are windows single pane or thermal pane?

    The windows are single pane and not insulated.

  • What material is the fasteners made of? Need stainless steel. Live in coastal area.

    Yes, the fasteners are made of stainless steel.

  • In several reviews, the weight of the panels is referenced…could you please tell me the exact weight of the panels for the 10’x12’ colonial greenhouse so that I can make sure we have enough help to remove them the trailer and move them around the property? Thank you!

    We've consulted with the warehouse production team and unfortunatelty, we don’t have an exact weight.  We would say that each panel is over 100#.  We have 2 adult males that package these units. 

  • Does this include the framing under the plywood floor if I don’t include the flooring materials?

    If you order the Greenhouse without the floor option, then there won't be any floor materials (including the framing under the plywood floor)

  • Would this be portable? Would different roofing be possible?

    The greenhouse kit is not portable by design and does not inlcude any materials to make it portable. We do not offer any roof customizations on this greenhouse kit.

  • If I don’t plan to assemble the unit until June 2024 can the pallets be stored outside over the winter without damaging the product? Is the packaging water tight?

    The packaging will HAVE to be removed to off load it from the FedEx Freight Trailer. It can be stored outside but you would need to re-cover it very well.

Don't Take Our Word For it! Here's What Our Customers Think:

Hats off to Homestead Supplier for superior customer service - these guys go above and beyond to answer all my questions. We purchased the Beach House shed for some extra storage but ended up using it as a backyard playhouse for the kids :). Now we have to buy another shed lol... The shed is great, sturdy, and would recommend to others.

- Sam B.

I found the buying experience to be far better than expected. Very easy to order, received immediate order confirmation, excellent customer service, order showed earlier than expected and in excellent condition. Would definitely recommend

- Dean G.

After 7 months of waiting for our pool to be completed, we are thrilled to have gotten our new shed built. It perfectly completes our backyard renovation. We love it! The instructions were clear, and the building is sturdy. We’ve had a number of inquiries about who we bought our shed kit from.

- Karen E.